Sweet Potato Fajitas - Twist on a Favourite

This is a recipe of my own creation and is by no means my way of pushing vegetarianism on anyone. I have been reading a lot on plant based diets and have tried to incorporate a few of these meals into my weekly meal planning

After eating shredded pork most of last week, I just needed a break from meat and decided to whip up these super easy, filling and seriously scrumptious Sweet Potato Fajitas.


Tuna Melt - Sans Onions

Tuna melt is a classic lunch (or dinner) that can be made dozens of ways. I think everyone has their own take on this sandwich and that's what is so unique about it. No one makes a tuna melt like your Mother and eating one will take you back to childhood.

I have a thing about tuna melts, and that is I don't like onions in them. I love cooked onions. Raw? Hmmmmm not so much. And if I can be real, I think the raw onion in a tuna melt ruins it. Yep I said it! Those true to onion in their tuna can move along if you wish but try this version out and see if you really miss it.


Cuban Sandwich - Slow-cooker StylZ

This recipe landed in my inbox from the Closet Cooking for Lechon Asado, I knew a Cuban Sandwich was in my future.

I had my first Cuban Sandwiche at Chez Piggy, in Kingston, Ontario. If you happen to ever be in that neck of the woods, it is an excellent restaurant with charm and great food! I have their cookbook and will use it for a post here in the near future.


Hearty Turkey Chili - When winter happens in May!

We are enduring a major cold snap in Ottawa right now. Like wearing your winter coat, snow in some areas, freezing cold! This motivated a craving I had for chili and while I would rather be making a more summery meal, this chili really hit the spot and warmed my icy soul.

Chili is one thing you should learn to make, anyone can do it, I swear. You chop some shit up, you throw it in a pot, add some spices, meat and beans.... that's it!

Chili itself is super versatile; you can make it with any meat you like, or go vegetarian. Make it spicy, make it bland (if you're spicy, you and I can definitely be friends). You can use up any veggies you have on hand before they go to waste and use that can of beans that's been sitting in your pantry since forever.


Spaghetti with Baby King Oyster Mushrooms and Arugula - Oh and Wine was there

If I ever find myself on Death Row, pasta will likely be my last meal. I love it and could eat it until I burst - but try not to!

This is a relatively quick meal that will make you feel like you are eating at a ristaurante in Italy. You can easily substitute the canned diced tomatoes for fresh, this is just what I happened to have. You could also add chicken or sausage, I kept it meat free just for a change. Parmesean cheese spinkled on top would also go nicely, I opted not to but next time.


Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas - The Way of the Lazy

Oh Mexican, how I love you! Of all of the cultural cuisines from across the globe, Mexican is one that I have been fortunate enough to really explore. From dining on lobster tacos in Cabo San Lucas to Carnitas in Texas, from luscious burritos in Colorado to homemade guacamole prepared table-side in Puerto Vallarta; I have been lucky enough to experience, Tex-Mex, Mex-Mex and everything in between.

Mexican is so packed with flavour, it's an easy way to a crowd pleasing meal - it just calls for celebration. Pass the margarita and make it a double!

So this meal is what I would call a lazy white girl from Canada's version of chicken enchiladas. This meal is quick, easy, no fuss, with all the taste of Mexico that we love.

Let's begin.....


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Chicken Strips with Sweet Potato Fries - Make Your Own

When I was a youngster, chicken fingers were my thing. Anytime our family dined at a restaurant, I was all about them chicken fingers. So my childhood love of this scrumptious meal inspired these chicken strips that you can make at home and are much lower in fat and calories. But we didn't compromise on the taste!

Also, I must apologize for the lighting of these pictures, but here's why.....

I made this recipe a while ago, in the dead of our Canadian winter, when it is dark. All. The. Time. Just looking at this picture gives my the shivers. It is now spring in Ottawa and it is high time I posted this recipe so let's get to it.


Braised Spinach in Lemon Coconut Milk - Vegan Delight

I found this recipe on Facebook, have made it three times since and it's safe to say, I am totally obsessed. I have made a few additions including couscous (another current obsession) and sweet potatoes in the sauce. This meal is great for a weekend, weeknight and to eat as leftovers. It is warm, comforting and above all, good for you!

First things first, I am not a vegan. When someone mentions "vegan", it conjures up thoughts of pretentious, dirty hippies or violent, radical PETA supporters. Also, vegans are just kind of a downer: "Do you know how cows are killed? Chickens tortured? Here, watch this deeply disturbing video that will haunt your dreams forever...." Ugh, sweet Jebus!

However, I have been reading a lot on plant based diets and there are undeniable benefits. Some of which are:
  • It's better for the environment including reducing CO2 emissions
  • There are many health benefits
  • Probably the biggest one for me, reducing harm to our animal friends
I also encourage you to check out the documentary, Forks Over Knives. Very interesting film on how consuming meat increases our chances of heart disease and cancer dramatically. 

Do I think living a "vegan lifestyle" is realistic for me? Nope, not really. But incorporating a few vegan meals from time to time is completely doable, and above all delicious. Can't deny that kind of logic.

One of the things I love about this recipe so much is that you can change it up by adding couscous like I did, or serving it over just a baked sweet potato - which I have also done and was also hella good! It is super flavorful and rich tasting, making even a regular meat eater happy to dig into this vegan meal.

Okay enough of that, let's get to the food......

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